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Health by Fruits




Orange The fruits have an important role in man’s life. The fruits provide Calcium and Vitamins to man’s body. Fruits almost have been used as medicine for many diseases. Means to say fruits are natural God gifted product in this world. In this discussion we will talk about the Orange.

The Orange is a juicy fruit and the Orange liked by every person. Its sweet and little bit sourly. The planting of the Orange is being growing in mostly countries of world. Total production of the Orange in this world is 61.7 million tones. The country whom are contributing are Brazil 17.8, United States 8.4, Mexico 4.1, India 3.1, China 2.4, Spain 2.3, Italy 2.2, Iran 1.9, Egypt 1.8 and Pakistan 1.6. The Orange is very impressive for the brain and its juice is really good in desperation. Doctors advise orange juice in illness and weakness. The energy scale of the Orange in 190 KJ is 50 kcal.

The Orange almost keeps 9.14 g sugar in it. There is 4% Vitamin B6 in 0.051 mg and 75% Vitamin C in 45mg. The Orange almost keeps 1% iron in only 0.09 g. The Orange is one of those fruits who have the Zinc. The Orange has just 1% Zinc in 0.08 mg. in short the Orange is a vitamin fruit and good for health.


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