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Health by Fruits




The fruits are real energetic things for our health. The Banana is almost good fruit to maintain our health. The Banana is a big dietetic worth for the peoples who like the dieting. The Banana has a rare combination of energy value, tissue-building sourses, and vitamins. The Banana is rich in solids and poor in water content as compared to any other fresh fruit and that’s why the Banana is a good element of calories.

A Banana of big size provides you more than 100 calories and a huge number of sugar which can easily incorporated by your body. The Banana is an excellent factor of getting energy quick of quick. The Banana is also means to recover from the exhaustion. We found the use of Banana, suitable in the treatments of several medical conditions like intestinal disorders, arthritis, constipation, gout, allergies, kidney stones, anemia, urinary disorders and tuberculosis.

The Banana has 90 kcal if energy in 370 KJ and its nutritional value of per 100g is 3.5 oz. The Banana has 12.23 g of sugar and 2.6g of dietary fiber. The best thing is that the Banana has 1.09 g Protein. The Banana almost has 15% of Vitamin C in just 8.7mg, 28% of Vitamin B6 in 0.367 mg, 1% o Calcium in 5 mg, 2% Iron in 0.26mg and 8% of potassium in 358 mg.


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