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Health by Fruits



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Fruits for Health

Fruit is a great blessing of God. (ALLAH)
Eat fruits and be healthy forever.
You will never have a look like an aged person.
Use fruits and keep your look like younger.
Be fresh by using fresh fruits.
Be always active by eating diffirent type of fruits.
Fruits give us various kind of benificial Vitamins, which completely fulfill our physical requirments, and for which our health demands.

Health is wealth.

Almost certainly everyone knows the importance of fruits. It is a fact that fruits are needed in our daily expenditure of food to maintain a healthy body. It is also a fact that fruit proposes the offer natural health reimbursement like vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, folic acid to name a few. In fact fruit is low in sodium and has no overweight contented. There are a number of other benefits of fruits.

One can keep him healthy, active and strong by using different kind of fresh fruits. For example, if one wants to increase energy, he should use banana regularly. For strong lungs, apple is known as the best fruit. Blueberries have great importance for antioxidants in fruits. Fresh Fruits are being caused to keep you in good physical shape and your body active and muscular. Using Fresh Fruits as daily food requirements, energetic body can be found and you might be mentally strong.

First of all fruit can help in upholding joint purpose, cardiovascular, urinary, vision, does something as a natural body purifier, gives antioxidants that help battle free essentials and defend the circulatory system. Here we mentioned some fruits and their specific benefits.
Fruit and there benefits:

Apples - lungs
Bananas - energy
Blueberries - antioxidants
Pomegranates - cardiovascular
Strawberries - heart
Tart Cherries - joints
Amalaki - all of the above and more.
For good health and vigor everybody should keep in use fresh fruits.

Pine Apple



In this industrial time, man is going so fast and faster. Anybody does not have so much time to take care of his health, but he knows very well that health is wealth. That’s why people are looking for those natural foodstuffs, best for his health. Here we are talking about one of a best fruit for health, the Pineapple.

Pine Apple

The Pineapple is almost known as Ananas, Nanas and Pina in the Middle East. The founder areas of Pineapple are south Brazil and Paraguay. The Pineapple was spread by the Indians up through the western and Middle America before the Columbus arrived there. The Pineapple was introduced in the Philippines by the Spanish nation so may they have taken it to Hawaii and Guam early in the 16th Century. The Pineapple reached England in 1660 and began to be grown in greenhouses for its fruit around 1720.

The Pineapple has 305 oz nutritional value per 100 g and almost keeps 50 kcal energy in 200 kg. So you can understand that it is good to keep your health batter. The sugar value of the Pineapple is 9.26 g and Dietary fiber value of Pineapple is 1.4 g. The Pineapple has 0.54 g protein in it for your body. The Calcium rate of Pineapple is, 1% in 13 mg, and Iron is 2% in 0.28 Pineapple. Now let’s check up that how many Vitamin values have this great fruit for us. The Pineapple has Vitamin B6, 8% in 0.11. Mg and 60 % of Vitamin C in just 36.2 mg. Nutritionally crammed affiliates of the bromeliad family, this juicy stifling fruit is high in vitamin C and the enzyme, brome lain- both of which play a fundamental and essential role in the body's healing process. To sum up I will just say that the Pineapple is a really good fruit for the food health.




GrapesFruits are common need of health for everyone. There are lots of good fruits in market and those are providing good quality of Vitamins to human body. The Grapes are almost on of them. The Grapes breed in huddle of 6 to 300. The Grapes are available in green, black, dark blue and pink color. The Grape is an energetic and bifacial fruit for health. The energy scale of the Grapes is 70 kcal 290 KJ and it’s really superb for your health.

Actually the Grape is a sweet fruit so it keeps 15.48 g of sugars. The Grapes almost keeps 18.1 g of carbohydrates in it. The Grapes keeps a low quantity of Iron in it just else only 3% in 0.36 mg but it keeps 18% of Vitamin C in only 10.8 mg. There is 7% of Vitamin B6 in only 0.086 mg of the Grapes. The Grapes also provides us the most beneficial thing, Calcium. It has 1% of Calcium in 10 mg. the Grapes also have Vit.B1, Vit.B2 and Vit.B3 it in. the quantity of Protein in the Grapes is 0.72 g.
The Grapes are also good factor for medicines. The major thing is that the Grapes keep proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins also called PCOs for procyanidolic oligomers. You can also say that the OPCs for oligomeric procyanidins are a class of nutrients and it belongs to the flavonoid family. According to the docotors statements, this is an excellent factor for the face surgery.




Strawberry Fruits are very important relieve in this universe in particulars because the fruits help us to abolish all kind of poisons, pollutants and detrimental chemicals in our body. The fruits are also significantly helpful assuage in many serious lung problems. You must scrutinize that the fruits diets are flattering more admired just because of; the fruits provide our body a well-merited break. In this session we will talk about one of the most beneficial fruit in this world, Strawberry.

The strawberry is an American fruit that can be found in America, and is a hybrid of the North America and the South American. Mostly people know the strawberry as Fragaria vesca ananassa. The strawberry contains the perfect quantity of vitamins and calcium in it for a person’s body. Strawberry also keeps approximately 45 calories (188 KJ) in just 144 g of strawberries and according to doctors suggestion it is a perfect source of Vitamin C and falconoid. Strawberry also contains potassium, folic acid, fiber and Vitamin B6.

Most recently it has been thought that the strawberry thwart cancer. The Romans believed that the strawberry was a best factor for the medicine of melancholy, fainting, attacks of gout, liver and spleen, fevers, throat infections, kidney stones, halitosis, and diseases of the blood and all inflammations. The strawberry is almost a perfect solution which has been used in the medicines of discolored teeth. Dr William Butler, the most famous English writer of 17th Century, referring to the wild strawberry as being the best of all fruits.




The fruits are real energetic things for our health. The Banana is almost good fruit to maintain our health. The Banana is a big dietetic worth for the peoples who like the dieting. The Banana has a rare combination of energy value, tissue-building sourses, and vitamins. The Banana is rich in solids and poor in water content as compared to any other fresh fruit and that’s why the Banana is a good element of calories.

A Banana of big size provides you more than 100 calories and a huge number of sugar which can easily incorporated by your body. The Banana is an excellent factor of getting energy quick of quick. The Banana is also means to recover from the exhaustion. We found the use of Banana, suitable in the treatments of several medical conditions like intestinal disorders, arthritis, constipation, gout, allergies, kidney stones, anemia, urinary disorders and tuberculosis.

The Banana has 90 kcal if energy in 370 KJ and its nutritional value of per 100g is 3.5 oz. The Banana has 12.23 g of sugar and 2.6g of dietary fiber. The best thing is that the Banana has 1.09 g Protein. The Banana almost has 15% of Vitamin C in just 8.7mg, 28% of Vitamin B6 in 0.367 mg, 1% o Calcium in 5 mg, 2% Iron in 0.26mg and 8% of potassium in 358 mg.




Mangoes This is an understood thing that fruits are really good for health. Everyone knows that how to use fruits to maintain your health and if you don’t know that we will tell you. Today we will talk about the mango. As we know that the mango also called as the king of the fruits because it’s most sweet fruit in this world.

The Mango keeps phenols in it and the phenols provide solid antioxidant anti cancer abilities to the human body. The Mango is a highly Iron fruit so mostly doctor advise mango to pregnant women and peoples with anemia. One most impressively that mango effects exclusively in relieving clogged pores of the skin. Mango is a perfect factor of Vitamin A (beta-carotene), E and Selenium and it helps to protect against heart disease and other ailments. It is also good to warfare acidity and poor digestion. The Mango is almost valuable source for the fever, kidney problem, Respiratory problem and Constipation.

This sweet fruit keeps 14.8 g of sugar. Mango almost keeps 10% Vitamin B6 in just 0.134 mg. Mango keeps 1% Iron in 0.13 mg. 1% of Calcium in 10 mg, 4% of Vitamin A in equiv. 38 μg, 46% of Vitamin C in 27.7 mg and .51 g of proteins is almost available in mango. Due to these contents we can say that the Mango is best fruit for health.




Orange The fruits have an important role in man’s life. The fruits provide Calcium and Vitamins to man’s body. Fruits almost have been used as medicine for many diseases. Means to say fruits are natural God gifted product in this world. In this discussion we will talk about the Orange.

The Orange is a juicy fruit and the Orange liked by every person. Its sweet and little bit sourly. The planting of the Orange is being growing in mostly countries of world. Total production of the Orange in this world is 61.7 million tones. The country whom are contributing are Brazil 17.8, United States 8.4, Mexico 4.1, India 3.1, China 2.4, Spain 2.3, Italy 2.2, Iran 1.9, Egypt 1.8 and Pakistan 1.6. The Orange is very impressive for the brain and its juice is really good in desperation. Doctors advise orange juice in illness and weakness. The energy scale of the Orange in 190 KJ is 50 kcal.

The Orange almost keeps 9.14 g sugar in it. There is 4% Vitamin B6 in 0.051 mg and 75% Vitamin C in 45mg. The Orange almost keeps 1% iron in only 0.09 g. The Orange is one of those fruits who have the Zinc. The Orange has just 1% Zinc in 0.08 mg. in short the Orange is a vitamin fruit and good for health.




Apple There are lots of fruits for health in this world to keep you hale and hearty. Apple is also one of them, the best fruit for health. Mostly, doctors advise people to eat apple fruit for health maintains. The apple fruit is a high protein fruit and good for health. The apple keeps disease fighting chemicals in it so the apple is a good fruit for health. One apple fruit of a day keeps your health fit in several ways and it is difficult to count. So we can say that the apple is a great fruit for health.

When you talk about health benefits of fruit of apple, apple could decrease the hazard of breast cancer. The apple fruit is also helpful in the hair growth. Apples are totally fat-free. The apple might also help keep your skin from crinkling. In addition, the research of scientists is still continues to get more and more substantiation about the antioxidant chemical in apple fruit which is protecting aligned with cardiovascular disease and cancer development. The apple fruit is good for lung cancer and keeps your health good.

One apple gives you nutritional fiber equals to a bowl of bran cereal and it is equal to one fifth of the suggested daily intake of fiber. Daily using up of two apples or 12 ounces of apple juice compact oxidation of the "bad" low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in healthy men and women, it is proved by the UC-Davis study. In short, we can say that the apple is on top of the list of best fruits for health.

Apples, with skin (edible parts)Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 50 kcal 220 kJ

Fat 0.17 g

Protein 0.26 g

Vitamin A equiv. 3 μg 0%

Thiamin (Vit. B1) 0.017 mg 1%

Potassium 107 mg 2%

Vitamin B6 0.041 mg 3%

Iron 0.12 mg 1%

Calcium 6 mg 1%

Zinc 0.04 mg 0%

Potassium 107 mg 2%

Vitamin C 4.6 mg 8%

Carbohydrates 13.81 g

- Sugars 10.39 g

- Dietary fiber 2.4 g